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1. If you willing to join, deposit your registration fees to any one of the following bank accounts :  KARUR VYSYA  BANK A/c. No. 1197115000030854,  (IFSC Code: KVBL0001197 )  in the name of “ VIJI DATA PROCESS ”  or  STATE BANK OF INDIA  A/c. No.  339 637 489 56 ( IFSC : SBIN0012788 ),  in the name of M.R.MURUGESHAN,  Or  HDFC BANK  A/c. No. 501 0000 307 1143 ( IFSC : HDFC0000445 ) in the name of M.R.Murugeshan.

2.     {C}Send the e - mail to : with mentioning your name, address, date of birth, project no, amount of deposit, deposit branch, time, date. 

Once we received your mail then we prepare the agreement and send to you along with the application form by courier. Fill up the application, affix the Passport size photograph in the column and sign in the prescribed place. Attach the Copy of the address proof ( Ration card, Driving Licence, Voter ID any one. 



9 - S.P.S. Colony, Opp. CINI PARK Theatre, Rakkiyapalayam Road,

Nallur Post, TIRUPUR - 6, Mobile : 94879  15439

Email :

3. From the date of received the signed agreement within a week send the Trial work of 50 Pages in CD form through courier. For this trial work there is no payment. This will completed within ten days and submit to

4.From the date of submission of the trial work within ten day ACTUAL PAYABLE WORK send to you through courier.

5.QC will send within 20 working days from the date of submission directly to the client email. Next work will be send along with the Previous work payment, within 25 working days from the date of work submission.


KARUR VYSYA  BANK  A/c. No. 1197115000030854,  (IFSC Code: KVBL0001197 )  in the name of “ VIJI DATA PROCESS ”  


STATE BANK OF INDIA  A/c. No.  339 637 489 56 ( IFSC : SBIN0012788 ),  in the name of M.R.MURUGESHAN, 


 HDFC BANK  A/c. No. 501 0000 307 1143 ( IFSC : HDFC0000445 ) in the name of  M.R.MURUGESHAN .



  Memorandum of Understanding


This Agreement executed on  _____________ by and between SRAN DATAMATION, AMBLIPURA VILLAGE, BELLANTHUR GATE, SARJAPUR ROAD,  BANGALORE – 560 034 Herein after for brevity’s sake referred to as Client {Data Provider}, which expression shall, unless exclude by or repugnant to the context, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors-in-interest.


AND__________________________________________________having its Residence at  ____________________________________________________________________________Here in after for brevity’s sake referred to as “Business Associate”/ Data Operator ) which expression shall, unless excluded by or repugnant to the context, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors-in-interest.  Whereas the Client is engaged in the business of outsourcing the business for the IT and IT enabled services industry and whereas it has entered into an agreement with it's principals (herein after referred to as "Principals") to execute the data entry operations described in detail in the scope of work, which need to be executed through various delivery partners.

Reg. Fees





95.1 to 100

90.1 to 95

85.1 to 90

80.1 to 85

75.1 to 80

70.1 to 75

65.1to 70



25 Days

Rs. 125/-

Rs. 100/-

Rs. 65/-

Rs. 50/-

Rs. 35/-

Rs. 20/-

Rs. 10/-


Important Instruction


Company Rights

Dispute all terms and conditions contained in this agreement  _________________________ is Authorized User of Rebutted Firm M/S SRAN DATAMATION, BANGALORE and according to the Changes in the Terms & Conditions and Policies of That Firm M/S SRAN DATAMATION, BANGALORE only reserves the complete right to Add or Change Terms & Conditions or Discontinue the Agreement.


1.  I hereby, accept the above opportunity of executing Data Typing, without any External or Internal pressure and opt for Data Typing to be execute only on Personal Computer at Home. I shall not get the work done from any outside commercial agency or individual. I have also completed the Client Application Form and signed up the Terms of Acceptance, as described, (after having gone through the terms thoroughly in my full conscience).


{C}{C}2.      {C}{C}I have submitted the Application, Agreement, Terms of Acceptance and other forms, to the Franchisee of  the company of  M/S. VIJI DATA PROCESS.  I understand that the Trial work  will be sent to me after one week from the date of receipt of my documents in Bangalore office.  Once agreement made, Not possible to withdraw and transfer. IF YOU REACH THE ACCURACY  LEVEL IN FIRST THREE PROJECTS WITH ANY PAYMENT then you will eligible to get the refund of your 100% registration amount. ALL THE PROJECTS, IF CANCEL THE PROJECTS WITH IN 5% MORE AS THE LEVEL, THOSE CLIENTS ELIGIBLE TO GET THE SECOND WORK. If not, you will not eligible to get any refund of registration fees.


{C}{C}3.      {C}{C}I understand that the real work will be sent to me after submitting the corrected trial work. And Actual real work must submitted within 25 days from the date of actual work received by my Franchisee M/s. VIJI DATA PROCESS, TIRUPUR.


{C}{C}4.      {C}{C}The Projects will be provided in CD or Pen drive and have to be submitted  to the company email id of ( If client joint through dealer then they submitted the work by way of Dealer’s email and not submitted directly to the company). I understand that I have to mention My I.D No and file name clearly in the subject when I send my completed work along with the zipped file attachment failing which my account will be terminated.


5.  Total rights on the Data Typing sent and received shall be entirely owned by the company. As the work contents highly confidential and property information, without DP’s prior approval, DO will not provide, disclose or otherwise make available such   information to any person other then authorized by DP for the duration of the agreement.


6.  Incase, I am not able to submit the data within the given time frame or not reaching the accuracy level of the assignments, then all our assignments deemed to have been rejected and no further assignments would be provided to me with no refund of my registration fees and not demand of previous assignments payment.


{C}{C}7.      {C}{C}For Executing the work I clearly understand that no cut, copy, paste command should be used and if found so with no prior intimation my agreement will be cancelled, company will not refund any money or provide next work.


{C}{C}8.      {C}{C}Accuracy Level for our Projects is below:



- I









95.1% to 100%

Rs. 125/-

Rs. 100/-

Rs. 80/-

Rs. 50/-

Rs. 35/-

90.1% to 95%

Rs. 100/-

Rs. 80/-

Rs. 65/-

Rs. 35/-

Rs. 25/-

85.1% to 90%

Rs. 65/-

Rs. 50/-

Rs. 35/-

Rs. 20/-

Rs. 10/-

80.1% to 85%

Rs. 50/-

Rs. 35/-

Rs. 20/-

Rs. 10/-


75.1% to 80%

Rs. 35/-

Rs. 20/-

Rs. 10/-



70.1% to 75%

Rs. 20/-

Rs. 10/-




65.1% to 70%

Rs. 10/-











7.      After receive the trial work, I am willing to cancel the agreement before submitting the trial work, then I agree to receive 50% of the registration fees,  refunded within three months from the date of cancellation mail received from the client and not before. Company having the right to cancel the agreement at any time,  having the right to decide the refund of registration fees.


10. The company’s system will check the accuracy of completed data typed by me. The company shall be interacting only with me, individually and not with any of my representative/s. I understand that I am not allowed to contact the company directly and my Franchisee only has the right to contact the company on my behalf.


11. The Above agreement shall be effective for a period of  One year within territory of India from the date of Joining . The company shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever, for any investment made by me on infrastructure, computers or any other expenditure related to execution of Data Assignments. Sub-Contract of the Assignments to any individual or outside agency is strictly  not permitted. If detected to be a case of sub-contract, the whole work is liable to be reject without any prior intimation/information/notice to me.


12. Decision of the company’s technical team on all technical matters including the accuracy check parameters and norms for certification of Data Assignments would be final and binding on the subscriber who has opted for Data Assignments. I clearly understand that No dispute shall be entertained regarding certification of  Data. During the work time period of my doing the work, the company’s Technical Team or Franchisee may visit my premises without prior intimation to take stock of the assignments, assess the progress and verify if the instructions as furnished by the company is strictly adhered to.


13. The Company shall not be responsible for any payment made to anyone more than the value of these offline data assignments. I understand that the FRANCHISEE who I have submitted the forms, M/s. VIJI DATA PROCESS, TIRUPUR is the authorized SOUTH INDIA FRANCHISEE for M/S SRAN DATAMATION, BANGALORE.


14. If my finished work is not approved as per accuracy level or if I am not able to complete the Project within stipulated time then the company will not issue any payment including registration fees and my contract will be terminated. Once registration made after signing the contract, the registration will not be withdrawn and no refund of the registration fees.


15. I confirm received Training, Trial work and  Actual Work File and submitted the trial work to , Actual work to And receiving the payment as per the qc copy from FRANCHISEE M/s. VIJI DATA PROCESS or his directions only.


16. All disputes and differences, if any, shall be referred to the sole arbitrator. The Sole arbitrator shall be a person to be decided by  M/S  SRAN DATAMATION, BANGALORE, whose decision shall be final on every matter arising hereunder. The venue of Arbitration shall be BANGALORE only and competent court in BANGALORE alone shall have jurisdiction in the matter. Complaint and Jurisdiction, in the event of any dispute or difference arising between the Company and Client here to relating to or arising out of this terms, including the implementation, execution interpretation, rectification, validity, enforceability, termination or rescission there of, including the rights, obligations or liabilities of the Company/Clients here to, the same will be adjudicated and determined by arbitration. The Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory amendment or re-enactment there of is force in India, shall govern the reference. Either Company shall appoint their respective Arbitrator or the Arbitrators thus appointed should appoint the third Arbitrator who shall function as the presiding Arbitrator. The Venue of arbitration shall be BANGALORE only. The Courts in the City of BANGALORE State shall have exclusive jurisdiction entertain, try and determine the same.


17. If the company at any point of time is not able to provide the project only 50% of the registration fees refunded and I will not demand full registration fees and agree to collect only 50% of the registrations fees only.


18. I understand clearly that when my work C.D is delivered to my dealer, the very next day will be my first day of work and I am responsible to collect the C.D from my dealer. I also understand that the time frame for me to complete my work is 25 days by   5.00 P.M. on the 25th day.



A.         {C}{C}Parameters for slot complete Termination :-

1.   File name given is wrong. (Including the zip folder name)

2.   Incomplete file. If the file is not zipped.

3.   Only doc files should be present in the zip file,

4.   Total number of image files and word files are different.

5.   Slot will be Terminated if Header and Footer Option used

6.   If text box found, slot will be Terminated.

7.   Extra temporary files found or file not zipped.

8.   Text is in other than "Times New Roman" font.

9.   Font size not in round figure.

10. Color text found, Any images are found in the word document.

11. Page setup given improper. Page break found. Section break found.

12. Improper paragraph spacing. If any virus found.

13. Justification option should not be used at all.

14. The files should be in .doc format only, apart from that if any other format  except .doc format, the whole slot will be                terminated.

15. The file should be zipped by using only WINZIP software.

16. Each job work should be sent as a separate attachment in separate e-mail.

17. Any conversion software used.


Instructions for IMAGE to Word Conversion (Typing) :


1.    New page data of IMAGE file should start from new page of word. Every line

should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE

2.      File name should be given as it is given to the image file.

  1. Paper size as A4 Size & paper margin will be left, right, top, bottom 0.3 inches.

4.    Put Bold, Italic, Underline as Image. Font in Times New Roman, normal font,

size of Heading as - 13, Sub-Heading as – 11 and body text as 10.

  1. Use of Columns, text box is not permitted. Images, graphs should be ignored.
  2. If word cuts in IMAGE file then the same should be done in word file.
  3. Header and footer option as “ 0 ”  else are not allowed.
  4. Indentation must be used as per IMAGE file.

9.    Use shift + enter at the end of the line & enter at the end of paragraph. Extra

enters and different enter size would be considered as error.

  1. Paragraph spacing should be only in 12 pt  of before or after.

11.  Line Spacing will be only in single. Other spacing not acceptable.

12.  If the word cuts in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in word file. If

a line ends in IMAGE file then the same should be done in word file.

13.  The registration will be terminated if the file is not send with in the stipulated

time. Incomplete files will also be calculated in this criteria.

14.  The files should be saved in and it should be attached to the e-mail and should

be send it within / on the prescribed date with in 5:00 PM. After 5:00 PM the

files will not be accepted.



Line missing / Extra Line Each line 10%

Extra page For each page 5%

Improper page setup For each page 5%

Improper text alignment Each page 5% ( includes difference in size of font, lower case, upper case, underline, indentation ).

Page zoom not in 100% Each page 5%

Each 5 characters 2%

Extra enters Each 10 Enters 2%

Extra space Each 10 Space 2%

Extra tabs Each 10 Tabs 2%

Double space Each 5 Double Space 2%

Enters different : 5 enters instead of shift enter – 2%

Extra shift enters Each five 2%

Paragraph space not given Each five 2%




I have read over and confirm having thoroughly understood all the terms mentioned above contained in the terms of Acceptance and agree to the same to be binding on me in all respects in my full Conscience.  Both the parties hereby agree neither to Circumvent or nor to disclose the identities, Information as well as the essence of the project etc of each others/Principals, clients etc to any other Third party and neither of us will approach each others contracts as identified from time to time.




Date:                                                                                                                                                                     Signature.

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