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Rs.30,000 needs to paid to Tamil Nadu Authorized Franchisee M/s. VIJI DATA PROCESS as Security deposit For THREE YEAR contract. This deposit will be the NON REFUNDABLE deposit for Company processing fee. At any cost deposit will not be refunded.



PROJECT - I ( PER PAGE Rs. 100/- ):

For 200 Pages Scheme the dealer get the margin of Rs.2500/- for each client registration.


PROJECT - II ( PER PAGE Rs. 80/- ):

For 200 Pages Scheme the dealer get the margin of Rs.2000/- for each client registration.


PROJECT - III ( PER PAGE Rs. 65/- ):

For 200 Pages Scheme the dealer get the margin of Rs.1,500/- for each client registration


PROJECT - IV ( PER PAGE Rs. 50/- ):

For 200 Pages Scheme the dealer get the margin of Rs.1,000/- for each client registration.


PROJECT - V ( PER PAGE Rs. 35/- ):

For 200 Pages Scheme the dealer get the margin of Rs.500/- for each client registration.




In future any of their client will get more than accuracy of 95% IN PROJECT –I, II 97% IN PROJECT –III, 98% IN PROJECT-IV AND 99%  IN PROJECT –V, OF SUCH CLIENTS TOTAL PAGES, THE DEALER GET AN INCENTIVE OF RS.25/- PER PAGE FOR THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES. This amount will send along with the client payment to the dealer.

If you willing to join as a dealer, deposit your registration fees ( ALONG WITH ONE PROJECT FEES FOR TRAINING PURPOSE ) to any one of the following bank accounts :  KARUR VYSYA  BANK  A/c. No. 1197 115 0000 30854,  (IFSC Code: KVBL0001197 ) in the name of “ VIJI DATA PROCESS ”  or  STATE BANK OF INDIA  A/c. No. 339 637 489 56 ( IFSC : SBIN0012788 ),  in the name of M.R.MURUGESHAN,  Or  HDFC BANK  A/c. No. 501 0000 307 1143 ( IFSC : HDFC0000445 ) in the name of M.R.Murugeshan  and send us your full address by email. Then we will send the application form along with the agreement copy to you by courier. After signing the same you send back to Franchisee address, once we receive the details  then we will give approval to act as a dealer.  Hope that all will clear.


If you need any clarifications, Feel free to contact our FRANCHISEE:

M.R.Murugeshan, VIJI DATA PROCESS, TIRUPUR,  94879  15439.  


A Data Entry Company You Can Realy On

Sran Datamation is a leading BPO company in India providing data entry services to customers worldwide. Founded in 1999, this privately owned and funded firm has been providing data entry outsourcing solutions to customers including individuals, organizations, and companies in places like the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Sran Datamation has managed to sustain a 100% growth rate since its inception both in terms of revenue and size of its personnel.

Our relationship with clients is based on the great principles of honesty, quality of work, quick turn-around-time and total commitment to your needs. We are proud of a reputation that was developed over the years by offering a friendly and flexible approach, which ensures long-term partnerships with clients.

We take data entry projects of all types and sizes. We promise to provide you data entry services that match with the best in the industry, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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